How to Use CB Full Responsive Slider

This is full responsive slider for wordpress theme with shortcode support. shortcode is [cb_sliders].

Easy Full Responsive Slider, just go to sliders post, and add new slider. and use this shortcode [cb_sliders] in any pages or posts. then enjoy it.

**Documentations: shortcode is [cb_sliders].

** if you want to use in any template just use this code

**Default view latest 5 post.

**Show Manually Post Count of 3 post (just add count=”3″). full code cb_sliders [cb_sliders count=”3″] with third bracket.

**and support all post type, just use posttype=”your post name”

**slider image default size 1170px-300px

** Demo Link:

** Our Youtube Channel

** Our Youtube Channel


1. installed plugin ‘CB Full Responsive Slider’
2. You can see Slider option in your wordpress dashboard
3. Already i added one slider.
4. Now if you want to show this slider any page then you can use this shortcode [cb_sliders]
5. Now i will add another slider
6. You can see already i added 7 posts/sliders.
7. But you can see show only last 5 sliders.
8. This is default count.
9. But if you want to show more sliders then you can edit shortcode.
10. If you input 3 then show latest 3 posts. or if you want to show more then input number, example: i want to show 7 posts, then i will input 7 posts.
11. If you want to show another post type then you can change shortcode. Just default save post type sliders. if you want to show custom post or default slider then you can see.
12. I want to show wordpress default posts in slider. then just use posttype=”post”
13. Don’t show any slider because i don’t have added posts/sliders in post option.
14. If you want to show Previous sliders in another page then just input [cb_sliders], Now show two different sliders, if you want then you can use unlimited sliders also different show 🙂

15. Now if you want to show two slider in one page just use shortcode, You can use unlimited sliders 🙂
16. Please subscribe our youtube channel
17. if you want to use this slider in your any template then you can use shortcode

<?php echo do_shortcode('[cb_sliders]');?>

18. Use any name, no problem.
19. you know already i added lot of sliders.
20. just shortcode is same, but extra input is

<?php echo do_shortcode('your shortcode');?>

for only using template.

Thanks for watching this video and using our plugins.
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Again Thanks.


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